Dual Impact BinWhip®

The patented Dual-Impact BinWhip® by Pneumat Systems was designed to greatly accelerate buildup removal. Our cleanout technicians come armed with this patented hydraulic tool, which features double whipsets rotating in opposite directions. This creates powerful shearing impacts that tear through rock-hard materials with ease, while the counter-rotational forces balance out the whiphead so that it can be positioned exactly where it is needed by the operator. This rapid cleanout method allows our crews to spend less time on site, leading to significant cost savings compared to other silo cleanout solutions.


Pneumat’s BinDrill® is designed to drill a hole through bridged material to any depth, creating a flow channel or opening through which the BinWhip® can enter. Working together, the BinDrill® and BinWhip® free material from bulk storage vessels. It functions like a mobile oil- or well-drilling rig that’s operated from the top of the vessel. Sections are added as boring is completed for maximum efficiency. This method is effective on virtually any bulk material, including: catalysts, cement, clay, clinke, coal, coarse, ore, concentrate, coke, DDGs, feed, fertilizer, fly ash, hydrated lime, gravel, gypsum, minerals, paper pulp, pigments, plastics, powder, refuge, salt, sand, sawdust, slag, soda ash, soybean meal, talcum powder, wheat midds, wood chips, and wood pulp.

Cardox C02

Highly used in the cement industry with the ability to release high-pressure non-flammable carbon dioxide, the Cardox C02 Blasting System is extremely effective in clearing hardened materials from storage vessels. With the ability to create a controlled release up to 34,000 psi it is able to fracture concrete, coal, and other rock-hard materials. Cardox is widely used in locations where dust, chemicals, or hazardous combustible materials are present because it does not present a fire hazard. If you want to make quick work of blockages, plugs, and chokes in your preheater towers, silos, kilns, and bins, the Cardox CO2 Blaster could be your answer.