About Us

Our Team

Our team has been working with bulk material processing and handling facilities of all types for over 40 years. Highly-trained bin and silo cleaning technicians bring unparalleled experience to bear on your project, identifying the best solution and communicating clearly with your personnel. Our equipment and methods have been proven effective in industries dealing with aggregate, glass, paper & wood, ethanol, aluminum & steel, coal mining & energy production, fertilizer, waste & recycling, and more.

Quality Service

We are the fastest, safest, and most affordable silo cleaning service. Our professional, experienced crews respect your company’s safety policies and production challenges and work relentlessly until the job is done.

Industries We Serve

Feed & Grain Handlers/Processors

Feed manufacturers and feed integrators rely on us to reclaim lost capacity.  Our silo cleaning service helps grain elevators, terminals, and feed mills keep product and profits flowing.  Use our silo cleaning services to safely clear out-of-condition grain blockages due to moisture, fire, mold, or insect activity.  Our silo cleaning service won’t contaminate your product.

Cement Manufacturers

Speedy crews, armed with the world’s most effective cleanout equipment, deliver results in the least amount of time.  The Dual-Impact BinWhip was designed for attacking rock-hard problem materials like cement, gypsum, and lime.  We’re the nation’s leading Cardox experts, armed with the most reliable Cardox CO2 Blasting System available.  Less time on-site means significant cost savings compared to other providers.

Food & Ingredient Producers

Unlike competing vendors, our process doesn’t contaminate your product with hose fragments or other foreign materials.  We have decades of experience working with the world’s leading human and animal food processors.  Our Dual-Impact BinWhip rapidly clears grains, flour, sugar, salt, and ingredients of all types from your bins and silos.  We’ll help you safely reclaim lost capacity with minimal downtime so you can keep on feeding the world.

Chemical Manufacturers

Our bin cleanout systems are proven effective on salts, soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, phosphates, and other mined and processed materials.  Flexible, portable cleaning equipment adapts to a wide range of storage vessels.  Our bin cleanout service includes our full arsenal of cleanout technology – the Dual-Impact BinWhip, BinDrill, and Cardox CO2 blasting system for breaking up large slabs.  Recover valuable product safer, faster, and easier.