Silo Cleaning

Our personnel have the experience in the latest cutting-edge technology and methods in the business. We provide the best support and communication within the industry. Get hung‑up or out‑of‑condition product out of your bins & silos now! Minimize downtime and reclaim capacity at your facility. Get the ultimate in silo services with Specialty Silo Services!


Keeping your vessels in working order and safe is of the most importance. Have your vessels inspected and never have to worry about the condition of your silos and bins again. This can help protect your vessels from problems or even complete shutdowns in the future. Call today to schedule your inspections and make the move from being reactive to being proactive!


If you store or process bulk materials, you know just how challenging removing compacted buildup from bins and silos can be. Vendors have traditionally attacked this material with air-powered whips and flails that lack sufficient power and control, leaving facilities dissatisfied with slow progress and incomplete cleanout. We utilize the patented Dual Impact BinWhip® by Pneumat Systems as well as the BinDrill® and Cardox CO2 system to remove buildup safely and get your vessel back to work for you.